At Winclove Probiotics, developer, researcher and producer of the Ecologic® formulation range we rely on research as the foundation of our products. We perform in vivo experiments and conduct clinical trials to study the safety and efficacy of our probiotic formulations for a plethora of indications. Because of this approach, Winclove’s researchers frequently achieve breakthroughs in the field of microbiota-management. Because of this approach the effort of Winclove’s researchers are frequently published in scientific peer reviewed publications every year.

An overview of our publications:

Ecologic ® 825 indication: Colitis ulcerosa and pouchitis

Ecologic ® AAD indication: Antibiotic side effects

Ecologic ® Allergycare indication: Management of allergic symptoms 

Ecologic ® BARRIER indication: Depressive sensitivity

Ecologic ® PANDA indication: Prevention of eczema 

Ecologic ® PERFORMANCE indication: Intensive exercise

Ecologic ® RELIEF indication: Constipation