At Winclove, developer, researcher and producer of the Ecologic® formulation range we rely heavily on scientific research as the basis for our probiotic formulations. It’s no surprise that around a quarter of Winclove’s employees is involved in research projects. They are studying how the microbiota interacts with itself and the host, in order to develop the most effective probiotic therapies for the end-users. But their research goes beyond product efficacy, the work of our scientists also opens the door towards new therapeutic areas.

Winclove uses this and other scientific research as a solid foundation for (new) probiotic formulations, and, by innovating the field, paves the way for next generation probiotics.

Meet the research teams

Education Centre

Dr. Karen Koning PhD, in charge of the Educational team behind Ecologic® is committed to making inspiring, high quality probiotic education available to healthcare professionals.

Our starting point is science and knowledge transfer. Winclove Probiotics, the company behind Ecologic®, employs approximately 70 staff members – the 22 academics among this number include 8 PhDs and a PhD student – who work on research and development of indication-specific probiotic formulas. They do this in close collaboration with hospitals, universities and knowledge institutes, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Our aim is to enhance the quality of life in conditions in which the microbiota play a key role.

The science surrounding microbiota and microbiota management is constantly evolving. New scientific articles are published every week. These new insights are important for optimized microbiota management in clinical practice. We are happy to share that knowledge with you.

Our colleagues give lectures at symposia, workshops and conferences all over the world. We also initiate or sponsor symposia that have a link to microbiota management. If you are interested in our education services in your country, we would be happy to put you in touch with one of our world wide businnes partners in your area.


Sience Liaisons

Winclove's Science Liaisons strengthen and build the research agenda for our final probiotic formulations. We are responsible for the initiation, set-up, management and valorisation of clinical trials. In addition to this, they work to build up our research pipeline for the formulations of tomorrow, providing scientific support for safety, efficacy and working mechanisms within various indication areas.

Their focus to further develop and drive our external key opinion and scientific thought leader network worldwide is a driving factor in the evolution of Winclove’s science. To date, all of Winclove’s research is performed using an investigator-driven approach in which every party contributes from their unique expertise.  We believe this cross-disciplinary approach results in the generation of optimal scientific quality, independent and accurate results. We collaborate with research institutes and academic hospitals worldwide, which has resulted in more than 60 scientific publications over the past 12 years.   

These efforts allow Winclove to valorise scientific insights and outcomes for the probiotic market. We strive to provide healthcare professionals and their patients with high-quality indication specific probiotics which improve health and well-being.

We are always interested in new collaborations with regards to exploratory, mechanistic, and clinical studies. Our scientific team is able to provide input on study design, offer expertise on microbiome and probiotics, and support researchers with investigational formulations.

Interested to discuss a possible collaboration with us?

You can send an email to

Isolde Besseling MSc
Dr. Jessica Younes, gynecology, urology, and women’s health in general
Elsbeth Pekelharing MSc, microbiota-gut-brain axis, IBD and Diabetes Mellitus
Maria Stolaki, MSc
Maria Stolaki MSc


A team of four scientists is dedicated to new applications and enhancement of our strains and formulations. From their individual background and focus areas, they work closely together with our Laboratory and Product Development teams to drive innovation within Winclove. Focusing on innovations within applied and mechanistic, they investigate physical, genetic, and metabolic properties of our strains and additional functional ingredients (e.g. PROBIOACT® Technology) to ensure that we can constantly deliver innovative, high quality, and safe probiotic formulations to our partners.

Quality & Control

Our QA and QC team is in control of measuring and assuring the quality of our products and processes. They are dedicated towards providing the highest level of consistency and quality standards and ensure that customer expectations are met.

Product development and support

The product development and support team behind the Ecologic® formulations consists of a group of enthusiastic people that work tirelessly to lead the probiotic market in trends and produce excellent quality, safe and effective probiotic formulations. They can tailor probiotics to individual needs and support our customers by answering all product related questions.

Laboratory Research

The Winclove laboratory team behind the Ecologic® formulations is continuously controlling the quality and safety of our probiotic formulations. For this they perform quality control test such as measuring colony forming units, determining moisture content, identifying strains and testing real time stability. In addition, together with the product development and support and innovation team they perform experiences to develop new probiotic formulations or improve existing formulations. For example, they test the effect of adding new ingredients such as strain-specific prebiotics to probiotic formulations.