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Because we consider it important to share knowledge about the link between microbiota and health, Winclove issues a quarterly news magazine especially for healthcare professionals.  In each issue, a patient or a healthcare professional will share his or her experiences,  one of our scientists will inform you about a specific subject, we will keep you updated on the latest literature, and one of Winclove’s scientists will write a blog. We hope you will enjoy reading our magazine.

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Previous editions:

No Guts No Glory - December 2016

ON REQUEST: Increased gut permeability
SCIENCE BLOG: A feast for our microbiota
Results of “Reduce PDS” pilot project available
Parkinson’s disease may develop in the gut
JOP DE VRIEZE: Do we brush too often?
IN-DEPTH REPORT: Combining antibiotics with probiotics in nursing homeRead more

Cover No Guts No Glory Newsmagazine Sept 2016 English

No Guts No Glory - September 2016

JOP DE VRIEZE: Is it a good idea to rub vaginal bacteria onto your newborn baby?
SCIENCE BLOG: Probiotics for the flu and colds?
USER EXPERIENCE: Chronic constipation
1. Report on ‘Women & their Microbes’
2. Announcement for ‘Mind, Mood & Microbes’
1. Antibiotics from the human body
2. Probiotics improve disease behaviour

Read more

No Guts No Glory - June 2016

EDITORIAL: Jop de Vrieze

SCIENCE BLOG: Traveller’s Constipation
NEWS: Update – Present-Day Health Claims
JOP DE VRIEZE: The Downside of Contemporary Life –Are We Overdoing Cleanliness?
LITERATURE UPDATE: Bacteria Found in Stomach of European Mummy & My New Gut – The Link Between Intestinal Bacteria and HealthRead more